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Every morning I can be found at New Malden URC from 5.30am until 7 ish.
It is interesting to observe that people who have been strong and important to the faith like Martin Luther were anxious if they did not spend at least three hours in prayer at the beginning of each day.
On Monday evenings I hold a cafe evening where coffee and tea are served and Koreans are invited to come to share conversation with English  speakers.  This is helpful for the Koreans because they get an opportunity to learn conversational English and thus gain confidence when they are out in shops etc.  This particularly applies for the Sunday Morning Worship Service, where it is more comfortable for them if they can see people they already know.  We also have Chinese and Bolivian students at this meeting.
On Wednesday morning I hold a cafe at the New Malden Church.  These meetings are usually busy with three basic volunteers from the church and often several  Koreans who appreciate the atmosphere of welcome and enjoy the coffee and conversation.  This event is not restricted to Koreans and many other  nationalities join us from time to time.  There are several volunteers  from the New Malden membership who attend on a rota system.
The difference between the success of the two evenings is partly because of the location and also because other New Malden churches open their doors on other weekdays so that the Visitors have the opportunity to meet with English people on several nights of the week.
On Wednesday evenings I spend time at Kingston from 7pm - 8pm.  I still do this and I invite any elder who is available to join us.
On Thursday evening there is a Korean Bible study.  We are following the Disciple  course, which is hard work, but well worthwhile.
On Friday evening I spend from 10.0pm- 4.0am at Kingston praying for the churches in Kigston and New Malden.  Again you will be most welcome to join me.   The Street Pastor Prayer Support Group is also on the premises at that time so we are not alone in the premises.  However, I must make it clear that I feel called to pray mainly for the churches.
You may be interested to know that I regularly meet with local Korean Congregation leaders and am a member of the National URC Racial Justice Committee.
Future plans include a Local Korean Festival.  This will be arranged by local Korean Churches in the New Malden Area.

Rev. Suk In Lee


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